Speak My Language (Disability) involves hundreds of people from culturally diverse communities talking about living well with a disability.

Through podcast and radio, this program harnesses the power of storytelling to share the personal experiences, skills and talents of people living with a disability. 

Other interviews with guest speakers share information about inclusive places, activities and opportunities all Australians can enjoy. By sharing this information in up to 24 languages, our program is making contemporary multicultural Australia a more inclusive place.

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An image of a blind man wearing glasses with his dog in the park. Text reads: Can I get invovled?

Who are our storytellers? 

Our program shares the real stories and lived experiences of people living with disabilities from a culturally and linguistically diverse background. We interviewed people about their hobbies, passions, studies, employment and relationships - the aspects of their lives that bring joy and fulfilment. In the process of sharing their stories, our storytellers highlight the resources and tools they used to support their wellbeing, resources that are accessible and mainstream.

By sharing stories about living well, we are empowering our multicultural community to improve their awareness and develop inclusive attitudes. 

Thank you to all the storytellers who shared their lived experiences and provided a snapshot of what living well means to them.

Who are our guest speakers? 

In addition to interviewing people with disabilities, we also interviewed guest speakers who could provide information about inclusive places, activities and opportunities across Australia. Many interviews feature organisations and businesses that promote diversity and disability inclusion through their initiatives. 

Who is delivering this program?

Speak My Language is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services. The program is being led by the Ethnic Communities Council of NSW, proudly delivered via a national partnership with all Ethnic and Multicultural Communities' Councils around Australia. The Speak My Language model was initially designed by the NSW MAP within ECCNSW as an ageing program and it operated across three states (NSW, QLD and VIC). Over 2020, the Speak My Language model was significantly redesigned to address disability inclusion in contemporary multicultural Australia. The redesign was conducted by Jenny Bray for the Ethnic Communities' Council of NSW. The Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria and the Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre WA assisted us to trial and redesign the model. Learn more about us here.