What's the goal?

Our goal is to create accurate, accessible, high quality information, in more than 25 languages, that supports adults with disabilities from CALD backgrounds to utilise resources in the community that are available to all people. We do this through the power of storytelling.

We create podcasts about the people, places, activities and opportunities in contemporary multicultural Australia that are inclusive of people with disabilities of CALD backgrounds. 

If you are a service, business, government agency, employer, community group, education provider or any other entity that contributes to that in some way, we want to promote you. We are funded by the Department of Social Services to create and promote this content using our extensive networks in CALD communities around Australia. 

What's involved?

If you or someone in your organisation speaks a language other than English, we would love to interview you in as many languages as we have on staff. The podcast will be free to produce and free to download.

If you don't have anyone on staff who can be interviewed in language, we work with bilingual facilitators and interpreters to create your content in languages of your choice. We work with you to develop the script, we translate it, then we record it in multiple languages. 

Interviews are then conducted online through Squadcast, to ensure high quality recordings, and are usually about 15 minutes long.

Then, the magic happens! Your episode will be available online for free download, which you can share on your website if you choose. Once published, Speak My Language will promote the podcasts widely via social media, print and radio. With your permission, we may use 'sound grabs' to include on ethnic radio.

Can we approve the questions beforehand?

Of course! We write the questions with you, and your organisation/business approves them before we record. You may also listen to the final recording before it is published.

How will I know what is being recorded in another language is the correct information?

We have quality assurance processes in place to check the accuracy of translation, sensitivity around culture and disability, as well as deviations from the original English script. You can also request a copy of our Quality Assurance Check, conducted by a reviewer independent to the interviewer. 

If you use an interpreter, you will get a podcast in English. Any podcasts in another language will be strictly based on a translation of the English recording. You will be introduced and acknowledged as the Guest Speaker, and the Voice Actor will represent you. 

How much will it cost?

There is no cost if you have a staff member we can interview in a language other than English.

Otherwise, the cost of doing podcasts covers only the cost of translation. We cover all other production costs to create podcasts. The total cost is dependent upon the number of languages you would like your podcast available in and the word count of the original script.

How long will this process take when using the translation option?

About two months. It involves planning for the interview, recording, quality checks for recording and consent, sound editing and a pre-publishing check. The process is dependent on your availability to plan, obtain consents and record the podcast.

For more information or to register your interest

Please contact:

Jenny Bray
Speak My Language National Program Manager
Mob: 0428 145 219

Monday to Friday


NAATI accredited translators are used to translate the original script. We then use native speakers to check the appropriateness of the translations for the target audience.