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Summer used to be a student ambassador. During her time as a student ambassador, she met a group of like-minded friends.

When she faced the darkest period of her life, this group of friends helped to support and sustain her.

In addition, mental health counselling was an important tool to improve her low mood.

Summer’s advice to everyone is that when you are feeling depressed, don’t hesitate to take the initiative to ask for help.

About the storyteller

About the storyteller

The storyteller has chosen to use a pretend name.



As her name suggests, Summer is an energetic and sunny girl.

She usually enjoys meeting up with her new friends regularly.

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Interview by
Sue Huang

Sue Huang的母语是普通话。她为能使用自己的双语技能分享残障人士的成功生活经验非常高兴。Sue曾在红十字会担任义务协调员,目前在北领地多元文化委员会(Multicultural Council of the Northern Territory)任职。Sue喜欢帮助并提高他人的能力,这是她为 “Speak My Language”(讲母语)节目创建播客的动力。 read moreGo to page where you can read more about Sue Huang

Interview by
Sue Huang

Sue Huang's mother tongue is Mandarin, and she is excited to use her bilingual skills to share the stories of people living well with a disability. Sue has worked as a volunteer Coordinator with... read moreGo to page where you can read more about Sue Huang