The Speak My Language – CALD and Indigenous communities talking about living well with a disability (SML) program is committed to safeguarding your privacy online.

Please read the following policy to understand how personal information will be treated when use is made of this website.

SML is an initiative funded by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) under the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building Framework, National Information Program grants round 2019-2022. This adheres to the privacy obligations under the Privacy Act, 1988 and the 13 Australian Privacy Principles, as well as to the NSW Information Protection Principles.

Personal Information

Personal information is any information about an individual where the identity of that individual is known, or could reasonably be worked out, including by circumstance.

Our public website contains some personal information:

  • The names, images and biographical details of people employed or contracted to SML are published on the website, only with the written consent of the individuals.
  • The names, images and biographical details of individuals and agency representatives serving on Steering Committees or Advisory Groups are published on the website, only with the written consent of the individuals.

The website also contains podcasts, videos, images, and/or written information that may contain personal information. This information is published with the written consent of the individuals. In addition, Storytellers who tell stories where the Story Subject is not the Storyteller (e.g. a carer talking about their caring role where the identify of the person being cared for could potentially be identified), is published ONLY where the consent of both the Storyteller AND the Story Subject has been given in writing.

What Information Does SML Hold?

On a password protected section of the website (the SML Portal), SML keeps the following personal information:

  • Travellers complete a ‘Potential Interview Form’ indicating that the Storyteller and Traveller have discussed a potential story.
  • The form does not require the name of the person with a disability but may contain information that could identify a person by circumstance.
  • The form also askes if Storyteller requires access adjustments or would like to request a support person to be with them.
  • The support person is named.

This information is securely kept in the portal and protected by password. This form is seen only by an allocated Mentor and if needed, by a Program Manager or System Administrator.

How SML Uses Personal Information

The purpose of the Potential Interview form and its viewing by a Mentor, is to review any legal or ethical concerns which would require the implementation of our safeguarding process. During the safeguarding process, the Mentor contacts the Traveller and discusses the safeguarding concerns and how risks will be mitigated. These discussions are documented in the Portal. If issues (if any exist) cannot be resolved or risks mitigated, the interview will not be approved, and a new interview plan will need to be put into place. All documentation relating to safeguarding is kept by the Ethnic Communities’ Council of NSW in the secure and password protected Portal.

At any time, a Storyteller or their support person can request to see the information kept on the Portal.

If or when the Potential Interview is ‘approved’, the Portal creates a new 'Podcast Product' form which does NOT hold any information gathered during the safeguarding process. The podcast form is used to track the progress of the podcast development through the quality assurance process.

Other Information Collected by the Website

As part of offering and providing information via the website and functions via the Portal, SML website uses cookies to maintain session and visit information and to allow SML to generate statistics about the number of visitors to the site and which parts of the site are most accessed. These cookies contain no personal information and can easily be deleted via your web browser if you wish. Blocking cookies for this site or deleting them may prevent some functions of the site from working correctly and is not recommended. If you have any concerns about privacy, fill out the form below and click on 'submit'.