The team at the Ethnic Communities' Council of NSW working behind the scenes supporting the implementation of the program.

Noel Browning
Website Programmer, Quality Assurance

Noel is working in the SML Team in three roles: systems designer, programmer and administrator for the SML portal; senior sound engineer; and quality assurance officer. The SML Portal has greatly benefited from Noel's more than 30 years' experience working with information and communication technology. He is a whizz at coding in many computer languages, and has been employed as an ICT professional in the public service, private sector and in not-for-profits. Noel's vast experience with sound recording, sound editing and design using a variety of equipment and software will help to support our team of editors in SML. His skills in quality assurance are equally as impressive. He is well acquainted with intricacies of delivering large volumes of podcast content across states using remote teams, whilst also ensuring adequate workflows and guaranteeing standards of recording and content quality.

Jude Borromeo
Website Editor, Training Development and Communications Officer

Jude Borromeo is our Training, Development and Communications Officer.

Jude has excellent skills in social media marketing and in the creation and delivery of on-line learning.

Over the past several years, Jude has honed his skills in on-line marketing and effectively using social media platforms (traditional and emerging) to promote brands and to reach target audiences. He has inspired SML to creatively use LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and other platforms throughout the design and delivery of the SML Program.

Jude has also been instrumental to assist us to implement training for State/Territory Coordinators, Travellers and Mentors using on-line content delivery and web-conferencing via programs such as Zoom.
Jude has an interest in building inclusion with people with disability, and has volunteered his services throughout his adult life towards this shared goal.

Jenny Bray
National Program Manager Disability

Jenny Bray is the National Manager of the Speak My Language (Disability) Program auspiced by the Program's lead agency, the Ethnic Communities' Council of NSW (ECCNSW). Throughout her career, Jenny has worked for and with people with a disability. As a representative of ECCNSW, Jenny has contributed to the Expert Reference Group for the New South Wales Ageing & Disability Commission and has developed Disability Inclusion Action Plans for eight local councils across metropolitan, regional and remote areas. She draws on her experience of the sector as a frontline support worker, advocate, government policy officer and an information, referral and counselling officer in a NSW disability peak body. As a consultant, she has delivered dozens of projects relating to early childhood intervention services, person-centred practice, Interagency Protocols for Responding to Suspected Abuse or Neglect of People with Disabilities, and cultural competence in early childhood intervention and adult disability services. One example of her person-centered advocacy was her contributions to the NSW Parliamentary Committee Review of motor vehicle accident legislation, in which she supported people with brain injuries to provide evidence of their lived-experience. Jenny has worked with many multicultural and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and has delivered conference papers, and written industry articles and content for text books on cultural competency. She is a firm advocate for the Principles of Multiculturalism and the inclusion of people with disabilities.