A Traveller is the person who will be finding storytellers and guest speakers who are willing to be interviewed. The Traveller records the interview, obtains informed consent for recording and publication from the storytellers and guest speakers, submits the recording for quality checking, and helps the National Team to promote the Speak My Language program and the interviews, particularly (but not only) using social media. Some Travellers may be selected to develop and broadcast content on community radio.

Phung Ngo

Phung Ngo arrived in Sydney in 2009 as an international student. She has background in Environmental Management and Community Services and has worked closely with Vietnamese community and provided help and support to elderly and vulnerable people in the community. She has worked with Ethnic Communities' Council since 2018 in various projects to support Vietnamese community. Phung is looking forward to using her bilingual skills and connections to the Vietnamese community to highlight the stories of people living with disabilities in the Speak My Language program.

Shilpashree Nagaraja Rao

Shilpashree Nagaraja Rao is a trained and experienced radio presenter from India. Before migrating to Australia, she used to host local language radio programs for All India Radio in Bangalore. Currently she is a co-host for the weekly Kannada language show at 2RRR, on community radio. Apart from Kannada, she is well acquainted with Hindi and Telugu. Shilpashree holds a Masters Degree in Chemistry and is currently pursuing her Masters in Teaching. Shilpashree's role with Speak My Language was with the Ethnic Communities' Council of NSW.

Fayrouz Ajaka

Fayrouz migrated to Australia in 1994 after completing a Master of Arts degree specialising in teaching French as a Foreign Language.  She is an educational consultant of more than 40 years' experience and has completed extensive work in teaching at all levels including university.  Other than teaching, she has worked in curriculum development, assessment operations and educational resources development. For many years, Fayrouz has been a strong advocate for cultural diversity in her work as Co-founder and Chairperson of the Arabic Language Association of South Australia (ALCASA).  

Fayrouz  joined the Speak My Language (Disability) program in 2021 as a Traveller to create podcasts about living well with a disability. Fayrouz aims to make available important messages to empower individuals from culturally diverse communities to reach their full potential and become the best they can be. Fayrouz's role with Speak My Language was with the Multicultural Communities' Council of South Australia.