A Traveller is the person who will be finding storytellers and guest speakers who are willing to be interviewed. The Traveller records the interview, obtains informed consent for recording and publication from the storytellers and guest speakers, submits the recording for quality checking, and helps the National Team to promote the Speak My Language program and the interviews, particularly (but not only) using social media. Some Travellers may be selected to develop and broadcast content on community radio.

Marina Hacquin

Marina is a French speaking podcast maker based in Southern Tasmania. After completing a Bachelor of Journalism (Hon), she worked as a reporter before moving to Tasmania, where she works in childcare and as a freelance journalist. Marina has a long-lasting interest in human rights and social justice and a passion for telling stories across written, visual and video formats. Marina has been proud to contribute these skills and interests to the Speak My Language program. Marina's role with Speak My Language was with the Multicultural Council of TAS.

Fida Al Haddad

Fida has lived in Australia for over 15 years and no matter what town she was in, she always made sure that she was involved in the community services sector in one way or another. As she explained, "from working in childcare services, to being a Bicultural Support worker, I am proud of our Australian multicultural communities." Fida speaks and writes Arabic and French. Her multilingual skills have allowed her to work in research, where she investigated racial discrimination experienced when people seek to access rental properties in real estate. Speak My Language enabled her to use her language abilities and cultural understanding to highlight positive and inclusive stories through podcasts. She has enjoyed "shining a light on people of CALD backgrounds with disabilities, to help change negative attitudes, and bring more understanding and awareness into all of our lives." Fida's role with Speak My Language was with the Ethnic Communities' Council of NSW.

Silky Khanuja

Silky is passionate about the human rights of people living with disabilities, which has inspired her to advocate for people from CALD communities to share their story about living well with disability for Speak My Language. Through this podcast series, she has focused on promoting wellness through sharing real life stories to benefit the lives of many. She strongly believes that "living well is everyone's right, we are all different but also the same. We all have a dream, we just have to believe in it to achieve it."

Silky's role with Speak My Language was with the Multicultural Communities' Council of SA.