A Traveller is the person who will be finding storytellers and guest speakers who are willing to be interviewed. The Traveller records the interview, obtains informed consent for recording and publication from the storytellers and guest speakers, submits the recording for quality checking, and helps the National Team to promote the Speak My Language program and the interviews, particularly (but not only) using social media. Some Travellers may be selected to develop and broadcast content on community radio.

Rocio Mendieta Gomez

Rocio Mendieta moved to Australia in 2015 and graduated from La Sabana University in Colombia with a degree in Journalism and Communications. She also has a Masters Degree in Business Management and Marketing and has worked in Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Spain and Australia. She is fluent in both Spanish and English.

Previously, Rocio has worked in the media sector in Colombia and Spain, especially in television and radio. She has won two prestigious awards in journalism for the best story on television. 

Rocio has been working as a Communications and Marketing Coordinator in a not-for-profit organisation providing aged care services. During the last year, she has been working with people with disabilities. Rocio is passionate about working with communities, especially the elderly and people living with a disability. She is excited to use her bilingual skills and networking to engage the Latin American community to share the stories of people living with disabilities in the Speak My Language program.

Rocio's role with Speak My Language is with the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria.

Titus Raphael

Titus Raphael holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Business from Edith Cowan University, where he was invited to further his studies through a Bachelor of Commerce Professional. In his free time, Titus enjoys playing the guitar, researching and translating news from English to Burmese, recording his own news presentations and posting on social media, where one of his news presentations was viewed by over 1.6 million people within 4 days. His love for media production and his bilingual skills inspired him to join the Speak My Language team. He is proud to have created information to support Burmese speaking Australians with a disability to live well. Titus' role with Speak My Language was with the Ethnic Communities' Council of WA.

Neha Gogia

Neha Gogia moved to Melbourne from India in 2017, where she built a good rapport within her own Indian Australian community groups. Neha has a background in Public Health and has delivered health promotion education sessions for the last two years. She has also been involved in the aged care and disability sector during her academic commitments. She has enjoyed using her bilingual skills to connect people within her own community and highlight the stories of people living with disabilities in the Speak My Language program.