A Traveller is the person who will be finding storytellers and guest speakers who are willing to be interviewed. The Traveller records the interview, obtains informed consent for recording and publication from the storytellers and guest speakers, submits the recording for quality checking, and helps the National Team to promote the Speak My Language program and the interviews, particularly (but not only) using social media. Some Travellers may be selected to develop and broadcast content on community radio.

Ha Do

Ha Do moved to Sydney from Vietnam in 2017. She has a background in education and has worked as a language teacher for 15 years. With her bilingual skills and connections to the Vietnamese community, Ha is eager to document the stories of people living with disabilities in the Speak My Language program.

Julie Sciberras

Julie Sciberras is a passionate supporter of self-advocacy within the culturally diverse disability community, having worked in the sector since 2011. One of the highlights of her work has been facilitating a Women’s Circle for culturally diverse people who are non-verbal and marginalised. Julie is first generation Maltese Australian and has brought her passion and cultural understanding to the Speak My Language podcast series. Julie's role with Speak My Language was with the Ethnic Communities' Council of VIC.

Nazim Ahmed

Nazim Ahmed was born in Sudan. He is a strong advocate for empowering people who face social disadvantage, seeing it as his moral obligation to make the world a more fair place for everybody. His equitability and empathy has driven Nazim's participation in the Speak My Language program, where he has used podcasts to empower Sudanese Australian people living with disability, and to bring about a more inclusive Sudanese Australian community. In his free time, Nazim enjoys writing short stories, singing and producing political articles. Nazim's role with Speak My Language was with the Ethnic Communities' Council of QLD.