The Speak My Language program believes storytelling is a powerful way to share resources, information advice and lived experience about disability inclusion.

Alongside our podcast series, Speak My Language is radio broadcasts in up to 25 community languages with ethnic radio broadcasters around Australia.

Our Broadcast Travellers (Speak My Language broadcasting staff) are trained and mentored by our Radio Strategy Leader and Mentor, Odysseas Kripotos.

Odysseas holds a Masters of Journalism and a Masters of Teaching. He has extensive experience as a journalist and as a radio producer and presenter. He is very familiar with the Speak My Language model as he produced successful podcasts and broadcasts for Speak My Language (Ageing Well). He was even asked to meet the then Minister of Ageing Hon. Ken Wyatt. A.M, M.P to showcase the model.

Odysseas Kripotos, Radio Strategy Leader and Radio Mentor
Odysseas Kripotos Radio Strategy Leader and Radio Mentor

"Our Broadcast Travellers will be extensively trained in storytelling for radio, radio script writing, radio content editing, and basic media law. They will then work closely with radio producers and radio hosts from community language radio stations as together, they create a series of radio broadcasts on living well with a disability. I will also be available to mentor our recruits, to support them to excel.

Each episode will be a conversation between the Broadcast Traveller and radio host, and will be dedicated to the most compelling stories, topics and information from the recorded interviews. The Broadcast Travellers will deliver engaging, informative, and interesting radio segments that will showcase the unique stories of the Storytellers and Guest Speakers, and also promote all Speak My Language recorded interviews and Speak My Language in general."

Speak My Language will be on your airwaves soon.