Speak My Language will use social media to:

  • Encourage the sharing of positive, inclusive and respectful stories, tips and information about living well with a disability
  • Inform stakeholders of our activities and progress
  • Promote the availability of our recorded interviews and recorded radio broadcasts (free downloads)
  • Promote upcoming Speak My Language radio broadcasts 

Social Media Channels

Our social media channels include  Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, YouTube and LinkedIn

Social Media Policy

Speak My Language encourages the use of social media as it facilitates communication with individuals and communities, and it supports the promotion of Speak My Language objectives and information products. Social media is also a key tool for recruiting Speak My Language staff, storytellers and guest speakers, and for promoting Speak My Language interviews, broadcasts and other published content.  

It is the firm policy of Speak My Language that all content and comment on Speak My Language social media channels must be free from any comments or images that espouse views that promote violence or hate, or that are potentially or actually dangerous to any individual or the public. These would be regarded as failing to represent the Speak My Language Principles. Any such content will be deleted and their authors may be banned.

Speak My Language social media channels must also be independent of political, explicitly commercial, and other influences that could jeopardise the successful achievement of our aims. Speak My Language reserves the right to remove any content that is deemed to contravene this policy.

Personal use of social media is an important mechanism for people to express their views and beliefs. Speak My Language understands that this is a part of 'living well' for many people.  However, everyone involved in Speak My Language should be aware that often, audiences might not distinguish between an employee acting on behalf of Speak My Language and when social media use is personal.  Speak My Language staff are not permitted to make comments that could damage the reputation of Speak My Language, our Funding Body, the NDIS, or any Speak My Language Partner Agency. Staff must always assume that their association with Speak My Language is known, even if or when using a personal account.

Speak My Language staff are encouraged to always post a prominent and straightforward disclaimer on personal social media profiles, such as:

“The views presented here are my personal views and do not represent the views or positions of any employer.”