The Ethnic Communities’ Council of NSW (ECCNSW) is a non-profit community-based organisation in NSW and the Peak Body representing the interests of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities in NSW. ECCNSW is the lead agency driving Speak My Language, working in partnership with all State and Territory Ethnic and Multicultural Communities' Councils across Australia to deliver the program nationally. ECCNSW promotes the Principles of Multiculturalism and works vigorously to further develop a multicultural society that promotes social justice, community harmony and social cohesion. It celebrates diversity as an asset and a distinctive characteristic of the social and economic fabric of our nation. 
The ACT Multicultural Council (ACTMC) – Represents the interests of multicultural Communities’ and individuals in the ACT. The organisation develops a Quarterly newsletter: "Multicultural Voices".
The Multicultural Council Northern Territory (MCNT) –is the Peak Body providing advocacy and services for individuals, families and communities’ from refugee and migrant backgrounds in the ‘top end’ of Australia. The MCNT promotes multiculturalism as a policy that works for all Australians. The MCNT promotes empowerment for people from CALD backgrounds through culturally appropriate advocacy and direct service delivery to ensure full participation in the Territory’s social, cultural, economic, political, and civic life.
The Ethnic Communities’ Council of Queensland (ECCQLD) / Diversicare is recognised as one of Queensland’s premier providers of culturally appropriate community care. Its core work is to respond to the community’s changing needs and collaborate with government and non-government sectors to ensure all Queenslanders have access to culturally appropriate community care. Diversicare‘s mission is to deliver or ensure access to high quality innovative community care services that will enrich the lives of its frail, aged and disability clients.
The Multicultural Communities’ Council of South Australia (MCCSA) – is the peak organisation that offers efficient services, innovatively empowers, and strongly advocates for Cultural and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities in South Australia. Its mission is to support and advocate for all people from CALD backgrounds to realise their potential as active contributors to the economic, social, and cultural life of South Australia.
The Multicultural Council of Tasmania (MCOT) – The Multicultural Council of Tasmania’s vision is of a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse and harmonious Tasmania that is just, fair, and inclusive – where people with diverse backgrounds have the opportunity to participate in and contribute to Tasmanian society. Their mission is to be a community-based, member-driven organisation that empowers people from diverse and multicultural backgrounds to have a voice. It’s core work is to advocate and lobby for human rights, social justice, respect, equality, and dignity for multicultural communities’ and to build an inclusive society by providing information and promoting cultures, languages, and multicultural issues in the community. It’s members help to welcome new migrants and refugees to Tasmania.
The Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria Inc. (ECCV) represents the voices of multicultural Victoria. It is a community based, member driven Peak Body for ethnic and multicultural organisations committed to strengthening and building our community through advocacy and leadership and by empowering people from culturally diverse backgrounds. Its vision is to help build a culturally diverse and harmonious society that is just, fair, and inclusive for all. 
The Ethnic Communities’ Council of Western Australia (ECCWA) - is the State's Peak ethnic umbrella organisation. It is a non-government, non-profit community-based organisation which takes an active interest in all aspects of multiculturalism and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) affairs and acts on behalf of all ethnic communities in Western Australia.